Fauquier County Fire Rescue System

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Administration / Operations- 540-422-8800
Training - 540-422-8820 


Pets can’t take care of themselves.  During major disasters, pets often become separated from their owners. Avoid that heartbreak by making an emergency plan for your pet.
  • Prepare a pet disaster supply kit.  Include at least three day’s food and water; food and water bowls; an extra leash and color with identification tag; a few days’ worth of medication; current photos of you with your pet; blankets or towels for bedding and warmth; cat litter/pan; your vet’s name and phone number; treats.  Store items in a study container that can be carried easily.
  • Make sure all dogs and cats are wearing collars and up-to-date identification tags.  Consider permanent identification for your pet such as a microchip or tattoo. 
  • Purchase a pet carrier and label it with emergency contact information.
  • Don’t leave your pet behind.  If you have to evacuate, where will you go that accepts pets?  Ask friends or relatives outside your area whether they could shelter you and your pet in an emergency.  Find a hotel or motel outside your area that accepts pets.     

For more about making an emergency plan for your pet, go to http://www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/getakit/pets

Also see The Virginia Cooperative Extension of Virginia Tech Fact Sheet

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