Fauquier County Fire Rescue System

30 John Marshall Street                                                                                                                  Warrenton, Virginia 20186                                                                                                      

Administration / Operations- 540-422-8800
Training - 540-422-8820 



OPRR 100 DFREM Administrative

RR 101 Written Communication

RR 102 Organizational Chart

RR 103 Succession of Leadership

RR 104 Code of Ethics

RR 105 General Conduct

OP 106 Mileage Reimbursement

OP 107 Outside Training Request

OP 108 Incident Reporting

OP 109 Staffing and Leave Management

OP 110 Work Substitution

RR 111 Family - Consensual Relationships

OP 112 NOVA Critical Incident

OP 113 Uniform Rank

RR 114 Recruit Testing

RR 115 Employee Files

RR 116 Public Information and Media Relations

RR 117 Reporting for Duty

RR 118 Outside Employment

OP 119 Documentation of Outstanding or Notable Performance

OP 120 Documentation of Unsatisfactory Performance or Behavior

RR 121 Court Appearances

RR 122 Chain of Command

OP 123 Receipt of Email

OP 124 Telephone Procedures

RR 125 Personal Communication Devices

RR 126 Sexual Harassment

RR 127 Uniforms

RR 128 General Appearance Standards

OP 129 Internal Administrative Investigations

OP 130 Lead Technician

OP 131 Light Duty Program 

OP 132 Station Duties

OP 133 Daily Logs

OP 134 Promotional Selection Process

OP 135 Emergency Staffing Plan

OP 136 Work Force Telestaff System

OP 137 Fire Rescue Awards

OP 138 Purchasing

OP 139 Daytime Battalion Chief Staffing Program

OP 140 Response Notification of Third-Party Systems

OPRR 200 - Fire Operations

OP 201 Minimum Staffing

OP 202 NOVA RIT Command Operations Manual

OP 203 NOVA Single Family Dwelling Manual

OP 204 NOVA Joint Action Guide High Threat

OP 205 NOVA Inland Water Rescue

OP 206 NOVA Procedures for Roadway Incidents

OP 207 NOVA WMD and Clandestine Incidents

OP 208 NOVA Flammable Liquids Manual

OP 209 NOVA Command Operations

OP 210 NOVA Engine Company Operations

OP 211 NOVA Truck Company Operations

OP 212 NOVA Strip Shopping Center

OP 213 NOVA High Rise

OP 214 NOVA Mid Rise

OP 215 NOVA Townhouse

OP 216 NOVA Garden Apartments

OP 217 NOVA Water Supply

OP 218 Inclement or Dangerous Weather

OP 219 NOVA Elevator and Escalator Emergencies

OP 220 NOVA Utility Emergencies 

OP 221 NOVA Field Communications

OPRR 300 - EMS Operations

OP 301 Scheduling of Clinical Time on Medic Units

OP 302 Continuous Quality Improvement

OP 303 Prehospital Medication Security and Accountability

OP 304 NOVA Multiple Casualty

OP 305 NOVA Rehab

OP 306 Transportation of Deceased Persons

OP 307 EMS Protocols

OP 308 ALS Preceptor Program Guideline

OP 309 EMS Re-Entry

OP 310 EMS Supervisors

OP 311 Securing Weapons 

OP 312 Blood Product Maintenance

OP 313 Glucometers

OPRR 400s Special Operations

OP 401 Atmospheric Monitoring Device Calibration and Testing

OP 402 Hazardous Materials Response and Reporting

OP 403 Helicopter Operations

OP 404 Civil Disturbance Response

OPRR 500 - Communications

OP 501 Responder in Danger

OP 502 Communicating Staffing and Dispatch of Fire Rescue Units


OPRR 600 - System Administrative

OP 601 Post Incident Analysis and After-Action Reports

OP 602 Ride Along Procedures

OP 603 Emergency Notification County Officials

OP 604 Apparatus Driver Release

OP 605 Mid-Year Funding Requests

OPRR 700 - Risk Management

OP 701 Vehicle Response and Operation

OP 702 Vehicle Accident Investigation

OP 703 Accident, Injury, Property Loss Reporting 

OP 704 Occupational Health and Safety Committee

OP 705 Damaged Property

OP 706 Station Security

OP 707 Infectious Disease Exposure Reporting

OP 708 Physical Fitness Training


OP 710 Protective Equipment and General Safety

OP 711 Respiratory Protection

OP 712 Bedbugs

OP 713 Environmental Exposures Reporting

OP 714 Post Incident Exposure Reduction and Decontamination

OP 715 Personal Infection Control Kit

OP 716 Burn Building Use, Care, and Maintenance

OPRR 800s - Fire Marshal

OP 801 Fire Marshal Notification

OP 802 Fire Marshal Incident Scene Control

OP 803 Authority and Responsibility of the Fire Marshal

Current SOGs


04.003 Fire Response Assignments

04.008 Communications with mobiles and portables

04.012 Storm Emergency

04.014 Response Time Limits

05.002 Warning Notification Plan


DFREM Administration

1.28 In County Volunteering


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