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Thank you for visiting the Fauquier County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Management website. Fauquier County is nestled in the heart of Virginia horse and wine country and is considered the beautiful bridge between the bustling Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, Northern Virginia and the tranquil foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our Volunteer fire companies, augmented by career personnel, protect and preserve this county and its citizens with Fire, Paramedic Emergency Medical, Rescue, Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management services.



          Darren Stevens, MPA, CFOD               Mark Ciarrocca, BS, CPM                    Thomas Marable

                       Fire Rescue Chief                             Assistant Fire Chief               Volunteer Association President

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Fire Prevention Week is October 8-14, 2017

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Check out the article in Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, "Enriching Lives  while Saving Them, Fauquier County Volunteer Firefighters and EMT’s"  by Shirley Allen

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Fauquier County Upgrades Emergency Notification System

Fauquier County has upgraded its emergency notification system to Everbridge.

Everbridge is a web based service that enables the County to provide mass notification quickly and easily. Notifications may include evacuations, missing person alerts, hazardous materials incident, flooding, and other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety. Messages are delivered by phone call, text and email. Everbridge also provides notifications on weather warning specific to the address that is provided by a citizen during registration. Quiet times can be set so that citizens who wish to not be disturbed during certain times can specify those times. County officials can override the quiet mode in situations deemed "significant or life threatening" such as a tornado warning.

Please note that your caller ID will say Fauquier County and/or (540) 422-8830.

To ensure you receive emergency notifications signup by clicking on the link below.


“Close Call Incident”


        Below you will find the Final Report regarding the “Close Call Incident” that occurred on July 19, 2015 in The Plains, Virginia.  This report was discussed and distributed at the Fauquier Chief’s Meeting on 5/5/2016 and is now public and available for distribution.   It is our intent to make this report accessible to the public via our website by Friday, May 13th. 2016. 

         This report represents the work of the Significant Injury Investigate Team; representing a broad range of career and volunteer fire service professionals.  The Significant Injury Investigative Team was directed to investigate the events leading to the firefighter’s injuries, gather information, and validate the facts relevant in determining the direct cause and to make recommendations to prevent a similar occurrence.  In addition, the team was given the following tasks:

  • ·         Ensure findings are factual, credible and been validated by two means
  • ·         Focus on organizational process/policies
  • ·         Review all written statements
  • ·         Review the transcripts of the incidents communications
  • ·         Review all relevant procedures, manual, standing orders and pertinent documents for insight into the need for preventive action and/or procedural changes by the Fauquier Fire Rescue system
  • ·         Examine the equipment/gear involved to determine if procedural safeguards were in place and that it was serviceable and functional

        Above all, this report is designed to serve as a learning tool to prevent another near-tragedy from occurring within the fire service.  I ask each of you to read and learn from it.  A few of the recommendations within the report are already in place, while several more are either in progress or the final stages of the approval process.  The Fire Service is inherently dangerous work; and in recent years, new construction methods and flammable furnishings have increased those risks. We must train to stay ahead of the learning curve, please know that the safety of all of our responders is and will remain a top Priority. 


                                        (Click on page above to open the report) 





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